The class of 2022 has big dreams: Three freshman students are interviewed and share their hopes for the future.

      As freshmen are forming more solid foundations on Eastern’s campus, we wanted to share their desired goals for the future. It is common to find freshmen who already had a goal in mind when they officially decided where they wanted to study in the future. However, being away from family and trying to figure out how to develop their lives here at Eastern can change their goals they had made previously. All of these new and excited faces at Eastern have a plan for their college experiences and what they would like to accomplish. We found three freshmen who were willing to tell us what they hope for in the future with the degrees will earn.

      Hailing from Mount Pocono, Pennsylvania, Brianna Williams has big hopes for the future. Studying psychology at Eastern she hopes to one day to be a clinical psychiatrist. She chose this major because of the soft spot in her heart for those struggling with mental health. She wants to one day better the lives of those struggling with mental health problems and lighten the burden on their families. Originally, she wanted to be a surgeon has since decided to become a psychiatrist.

      Chris Yanak, originally from England, now lives in Reading, Pennsylvania. He discovered his love for music at a very young age and to this day is very dedicated to it. His primary instrument is the piano with which he plays mostly classical and pop music. A large skill of his is being a sight reader for sheet music. First and foremost, he is majoring in music and as a backup he plans on minoring in music education. His big dream is to become one of the worlds greatest musicians.

      While walking down the halls of Sparrowk, we met Jon Dierkes from Morton, Pennsylvania. As a marketing major at Eastern, he wishes to get into music as well. He decided on marketing in order to learn different business styles and how to use finances to promote music. By studying music and business music, it will educate him on how to market his music. Understanding how to market his music will lead him to make the right decisions when trying to sell his products. A few minor goals include wanting to get good grades in his courses, making his parents proud and making friends in this new walk of life.

      Even in this new experience of education, incoming freshman all have goals set for their life. It may be a unfamiliar and overwhelming atmosphere, but these freshman are up for the challenge. They plan to work hard for the sake of their dreams and what will become of their goals. Each of them are willing to succeed within this new environment, which will not only get them closer to their goals for the future but create a change in themselves.

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