Poetic Doxology

Doxa Zannou is a sophomore at Eastern University from Benin. She is an aspiring poet who often forays into spoken word, and has been featured in SAB coffee0houses on campus since she started as a student in January 2015. Follow her on Instagram @poeticdoxology.

Lucid At Last

I will not

Lose my mind

To love you or

Love you with

A lost mind.

Drugged Socialization

“But I exist!” She protested.

Yet their eyes seared

Right through her;

For she was-

Nothing but smoke

And they were-

Nothing but stoned.

Guilt-Ridden Silence

The fire roars before the dull,

Wide-open eyes of mute

Spectators struck into silence

By their incinerating sins.

They only believe in

The viciousness of fire

When the ashes of their lives

Blow up in their faces.

An End of a Season

I stand on the ruins of an end –

An end of a season;

The waning and death of fire

And yet the beginning of

Snow-white hibernation

And the rebirth of new things

And I thank God that He has

Seen me through four seasons

Of life where I evolved

And learned to embrace change

Alive Through Death

You – delivered into

Sinful hands,

Were the deliverance,

We sinners needed.

In Remembrance

You were a candle

That burned in the

Darkest, moonless night.

Your flame raged and died

Before your light ever did.

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