People of Eastern: Isaiah Martin

      Isaiah Martin is a first year student here at Eastern and he is already making his mark. Isaiah wears many hats here on campus where he is the Marketing Chair of the Student Activities Board, Co-President of the Gospel Revival and Class Secretary of the Student Government Association. He does a lot of the “behind the scenes” work in these positions which he said is something about what he enjoys doing the most.

      As a member of the SAB staff, he is able to serve the community by sharing his gift and passion of graphic design as he helps to make many of the awesome flyers that we see around campus that advertise upcoming events. One of the things he loves to do as far as graphic design is making desktop backgrounds among other things.

      “I love making websites. Websites are so much fun” Martin said. He enjoys helping people to get all of the pictures and information they need to organize their website and make it visually appealing. His passions also include video editing and photography. He loves capturing memorable life moments as they happen in his camera lens and he shares his art through his social media sites.

      His biggest passion is serving the youth at Little Rock Tabernacle Baptist Church in West Philly where his grandfather is the pastor. Martin is the Youth Director  and he adores working with the young people from ages 6-17.

      “That [the ministry] is my absolute passion! I love them with my entire heart. I do everything I can for them” Martin said.

      He is so passionate about the next generation that is rising up and he is dedicated to helping them grow into all that they are meant to be. He does devotions with them, and plans trips and activities for them. He gives a lot to the youth under this ministry and has a clear vision of how he wants to expand this ministry.

      This ministry allows him to also utilize another one of his gifts/passions which is planning. He enjoys planning events, where people can attend and enjoy themselves. He believes that planning things has the power to produce positive changes. “Through planning you can move mountains [and] change rivers to oceans” Martin said.

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