People of Eastern: Dakota Boring

      Meet Dakota Boring, who is a senior Communication major. Originally when coming to Eastern, he chose the school for the community and liked that it was a smaller school. He was originally a Nursing major but decided during sophomore year that he would rather pursue Communications. After meeting with the Communication professors, he realized they were open and welcoming, and wanted to help him make his transition smooth.

      Recently, he was accepted into Temple’s graduate program and plans to study Sports Business with a concentration in Athletic Administration. Over the summer of 2018, he visited Temple where he met the graduate enrollment director. He said that he liked the program because the enrollment director was honest about the program and told him that it was difficult to get in to. She also showed him around the building, even though that is typically uncommon for an enrollment director to do. She focused on him and his goals, while also sharing about Temple’s offerings. Dakota also really liked the fact that the tuition was not an out of pocket expense. When he begins his graduate work at Temple in the Fall of 2019, he hopes to live in the surrounding areas of the campus. After the two year graduate program, he hopes to become a collegiate athletic director at a D1 school.

       While at Eastern, Dakota’s favorite aspect of the college has been the professors. He stated that “the majority of them are caring and compassionate, and they want to see you succeed.” He also is a part of the Ultimate Frisbee team and the Lambda Pi Eta Communication Society. Last semester, he also had an internship at YSC Sports Marketing. Currently, he has an internship with the Philadelphia Union where he serves as an Academy Operations intern. There, he does logistical, administrative work and plans major trips and game operations. He believes he will enjoy this internship because it is along the lines of what he wants to do in the future.

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