People of Eastern: Bill from the Dining Commons

      Bill went to Bloomsburg University where he met his wife in 1970 and he stated that it has been “true love ever since.” They went on their honeymoon to Fort Lauderdale and have now been married for 43 years. When they first got married, his wife was afraid to fly, so they would drive to Florida and back. Later on, she started flying with him because they enjoyed traveling so much. On their honeymoon, he discovered his love for snorkeling which he continues to do today. Now, he has extended his hobby by taking underwater video footage of his snorkeling adventures. Besides snorkeling, he enjoys golfing once a week.

      While attending Bloomsburg, there was a drafting lottery. Bill knew that he would be drafted so he dropped out of school. Afterwards, he took classes at West Chester. For 32 years, he had his own optical business in the area. Bill stated that “It’s been a good life.” This summer, he and his wife returned to Fort Lauderdale for the second time where they took a jungle boat. They got to see many large, beautiful homes and canals on every side street. Bill finished his interview by saying that his true calling was to be a card swiper.

      If you have not gotten to know him yet, you definitely should. He is one of the friendliest faces on campus and works hard to get to know all Eastern students personally. Everytime he works, you are greeted with a smiling face and someone who thoroughly enjoys meeting the students and faculty. He is one of the greatest people of Eastern University and represents what Eastern is all about as a college. It is a place where people want to know you, and if you reach out, you will form lasting relationships with these people.

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