New Happenings in Astronomy Department

     There are quite a few new and exciting things happening within Eastern’s astronomy department this semester. Steven Sanders is currently in charge of running planetarium shows, assisting students in the observatory and helping with a few physics labs. In addition, Sanders heads up marketing and public relations. When asked what made him want to work in the field of astronomy, Sanders says that he became interested in the subject at a young age upon receiving a book that combined mythology with astronomy.

     Besides the changes to the department’s staff, there are many other exciting things happening this semester. The team has already been able to conduct an impressive amount of research this year, and David Bradstreet recently released a book with Steve Rabey that engages readers in exploring the cosmos and the Creator behind it. Both the department’s research and Dr. Bradstreet’s book, “Star Struck: Seeing the Creator in the Wonders of Our Cosmos,” reach audiences beyond Eastern’s campus, allowing the department to enlighten people who otherwise may not be exposed to this material.

     This is also the first time that the astronomy department is offering a season of planetarium shows open to both students and the public. If you are interested in a unique and intriguing show about the wonders of the universe, be sure to stop by the Julia Fowler Planetarium to witness one of the shows.

     Tickets are only $5 for students with an ID. Head to to check out upcoming showtimes!

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