Meet Our New Dean of Students: Sarah Piff is the recently hired Dean of Students at Eastern University.

      I have had the pleasure of meeting the new Dean of Students, Sarah Piff. She is a fun, bubbly, caring woman who makes people feel welcome and comfortable as soon as they meet her. After getting lattes and learning that we have the same flavor preferences, I learned that she is a graduate of Eastern University. Piff graduated with a degree in social work before going on to get her master’s degree in Student Affairs and Higher Education. She lives close to Eastern with her  husband and an adorable rescue dog. She has had multiple jobs dealing with student affairs and student-oriented departments. Piff has had experience as an advocate for sexual assault awareness, overseer of RAs and organizer for student clubs, and worked at Villanova for thirteen  years in student affairs before coming back to Eastern to become the Dean of Students.

      Sarah Piff is excited about this new opportunity and is going into the job with great ideas and a heart for the Eastern community. She thinks of her job as a link between administration and students. She is excited to listen to students’ ideas and give them continued freedom to create opportunities for themselves and to create a better learning and living environment.

      Piff’s vision for the future is for students of all sorts to feel comfortable sharing ideas for the community and to feel free to give input. What she finds unique about Eastern is that, although there are students of differing opinions, Eastern is able to talk through and debate these ideas with respect and open mindedness.  Students are surrounded by a world of harsh debate and polar opposite views, so this ability to debate in a respectful way is valuable.  This attribute is also great for the furthering of student life. Piff’s hope for the future is to create student empowerment and give students space  to convey their ideas to the community.

      Piff wants Eastern as a community to see her as someone with good intentions to make things better and happier for students. She wants to continue to advocate for those with differing opinions and help let Eastern continue to bring peace and knowledge amongst peers.  Piff comes to Eastern with years of experience and ideas and is a wonderful person to get to know.  I really enjoyed meeting her and seeing that Eastern is going to continue thriving and supporting student empowerment.  Eastern is blessed to welcome Sarah Piff as the new Dean of Students and is going to be an even better place with her guidance.    

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