Meet Dr. Eric Flett, a Theology and Biblical Studies Professor

      Dr. Eric Flett is a professor in the Theology and Biblical Studies Department here on campus. When asked what brought him to theology he explained, “The experiences I had growing up, for some reason drew up some religious questions. My parents took my brother and I to a big non-denominational church which is where I got some answers, but it just gained momentum from there. I had some initial answers to my questions, but I just wanted to know more. So, in summary I choose theology because of personal interest and existential quest.”

     Flett is a Seattle native, so why come to the East Coast? He explains, “I first heard of Eastern when I was finishing up my doctorate studies. At the time, I was teaching a few courses at Seattle Pacific University and had an internship at a local church. But since I had a young family, I knew I had to start looking for something more permanent. Anywhere that had an opening I would apply there.

      A school I’ve never heard of, called Eastern University, called me and said they were interested. Then, they flew me out for an interview, and I’ve been here ever since, for over 14 years now.”

      Dr. Flett got his Bachelor’s at Prairie College in Alberta, Canada, which is where he met his wife JoAnn Flett, Director of M.B.A of Social Impact Program at Eastern. His face turned red and his eyes sparkled as he told me the story of meeting his wife: “It was during Freshman orientation and I remember how amazed I was at her boldness in standing up in front of the crowd to tell her testimony of how she got from Trinidad to the middle of Canada.

      I knew right there that she was an exceptional person, and I wanted to get to know her. Plus, she is not bad to look at either.” They have two sons together, Miles and Elliot. After receiving his Bachelor’s Degree, he went on to get his M.A. at Fuller Theological Seminary, and his Ph.D at Kings College University of London.

      Besides teaching, Dr. Flett also enjoys doing construction in his house and listening to and viewing live music. “Pete Enns (a Biblical Studies professor at Eastern) and I have started our own little side business. If one of us needs something done at our home, we work on the project together. We have done plumbing, remodeling and even tree removal.” As for music, he loves Jazz. Usually, before his classes begin, he is likely to play music for his students. He even incorporates music into his teachings when he can.

      One of Flett’s favorite things about Eastern is the community and his department. He says, “I can’t think of a the better Theology department that I am fortunate to be apart of. My colleagues are phenomenal, but I also have a big appreciation for the students here. I have a unique take of presenting theology, and the students over the years have been really flexible and understanding of the way I do things. I love watching them take what they learn in class and apply it to their lives and watch them grow in their faith while here at Eastern and also after they graduate.”

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