Jonathan Beasley Bench Dedication

      On October 5, 2018, about thirty people gathered on the porch of the Library for a bench dedication in memory of Jonathan Beasley. There was an astounding peace to the atmosphere, as the congregation of those who were touched by the life of Jonathan gathered together. With a peace that the loved ones of Jonathan all recalled him to bring to any room. 

      Jonathan Beasley started his career as a librarian at Eastern University in 1984 and stayed for thirty-three years till 2017. His knowledge was vast in the world of books and, it was in his character that made him stand out the most. When being interviewed for his position of a librarian back in the years of 1983-1984, Jonathan was asked to describe himself in a few words. To answer that question, he said “warm, outgoing, sensitive and friendly,” and all these characteristics of him remained to be true in his thirty-three years at Eastern University.

      Another trait that Jonathan had was an “improvisimal sense of humor,” stated by Joe Modica, while he recalled his past years of working with Beasley. Jonathan’s sense of humor was something that many of his close friends noted, on top of his love for adventure and life itself.

      Alongside the crimson bench that was dedicated in his honor, you can find a stone cat, drinking from a bowl. This is a representation of Jonathan and his wife’s love for cats. There was also a reading from Cats by the author T.S. Eliot at the dedication. The book was an old edition from when Eastern University been Eastern Baptist College, and while opening up the old cover, there was written a citation from Jonathan himself when he first started his career as a librarian.

      Jonathan has made an undeniable impact on those who he loved and on the campus of Eastern University because of his spirit in Christ, kind heartedness, peaceful presence and his sensitive and friendly being. Jonathan was not just a librarian but was also a  compassionate friend, a cat lover and a follower of Christ that was reflected in his everyday life. His passion for books and his heart for service has changed Eastern University for the better.

      In Galatians 5 it says “the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control,“ and this is a great representation of how Jonathan Beasley lived his life. When remembering Jonathan Beasley, his wife, Sam Beasley remembers him for being a “lovely man and very much loved by his family and friends at Eastern University.”  He had made an impact on many of his family and friends, and now we have a place of peace to hold in his memory forever.

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