“Good Food and Good People” at Mexican Restaurant, El Limon

The restaurant El Limon (Spanish for “lemon”) has by far some of the best authentic Mexican food I have ever come to taste in my life. It took me a whole semester to find this little piece of paradise. In Conshohocken on Fayette Street is where your taste buds begin their fantastic trip.

Now, by no means is this place large: it seats around 30 people in the whole place, yet we didn’t feel like we were sitting on top of the people who were next to us. I began this adventure with three of my good friends; all we had to go on was that this place was located in Conshohocken and that there were rumors of two free margaritas per person upon arrival. That rumor may or may not have been the original driving force to find this place, yet we found it nonetheless, and it was packed.

We only waited for around 20 minutes before we were promptly seated at a table. The atmosphere was not too loud to the point where we had to yell to the people sitting right next to us, yet not too quiet where one would be left with the always awkward first-date silence. There are no tablecloths or candles here. The décor is very simple; they focus more of their energy on the food and their customers rather than what is on the walls.

On their menu, El Limon offers tacos, quesadillas, burritos, enchiladas, sopes, fajitas, ensalada de tortillas and Caesar salads. The most expensive item on this menu is the enchilada, coming in at $8.95, while the cheapest item is the taco coming in at $2.50. Due to the dietary restrictions of Lent, I went for the vegetarian burrito, which was jammed with peppers, onions and just about every other vegetable you can imagine, from refried beans to the juiciest diced tomatoes, with sour cream drizzled on top. Sinking your teeth into this burrito is on the same milestone mark as taking your first steps. This menu will not break the bank by any means. Our service was awesome: they filled our water glasses all the time, and we never had to ask. They also really evaluated the situation and never randomly barged into the middle of our conversation, and any questions that we had about the food were quickly answered.

All in all this is a place that I love to visit. I love everything about it, from the authenticity of the food to the environment that you are really just steeped in; as soon as you push open that wooden door you are hit with the culture. All great places, from my experience, are never asked to be found but are the places that just do what they do best, and that is make great food. By all accounts this is what El Limon does. They have no website nor any forms of social media, but there really is good food and good people.

If this sounds like the place for you, then I really think you should stop by and give them a visit because I know they would appreciate the business. Until I find the next big restaurant, remember: some of the best things in life revolve around good food and good people.

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