EU Offers Study Aboard In Malawi

Malawi is a small African country situated between Mozambique and Zambia. It is also the birth country of Eastern University sociology professor Dr. Mike Mtika. Dr. Mtika began his professional career as an Agricultural and Rural Development Officer for the Ministry of Agriculture in Malawi before joining World Vision in 1986, where he worked in community development projects and technical services. In 1991, he enrolled as a doctoral student at Washington State University. Finally, he taught at the University of Alaska Anchorage before landing at Eastern University in 2001.

This fall, Dr. Mtika is taking students on a study abroad experience to Malawi. This is not the first time he has taken EU students to Malawi, but it is the first time this opportunity has been semester-long.

Phase I of this program began in 2003 when Dr. Mtika took students to Zowe, Malawi for 2 weeks. Three of these students actually went back to work in Christian outreach and development, continuing to provide service through community farms and school breakfast programs.

Phase II begins this fall. Dr. Mtika will take 10-12 students to Malawi where they will experience various living situations and learning experiences. For the first 6 weeks, students will live in a rural community. This segment concentrates on answering the questions of economic resources , challenges, and food acquisition of rural  citizens of Malawi. The pursuit of these questions is structured through two courses: Rural Livelihoods and Food & Nutrition. Students will also visit rich, middle class, and poor households.

The second 6 week segment takes place in urban Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi. This new setting brings a new set of questions to pursue: “How does the city get money?”, “How does it plan?”, and “what are the religious influences here?”. The classes associated with these questions are Development Policy Making & Implementation and Christianity, Islam, & Traditional Religions.

Students would round out their 15 credits will a course in Malawi Society & Culture in April. The experience will be completed with a 5-7 day long safari in Liwonde and many chances to interact with local students who attend the African Bible College.

Applications are still being accepted on a rolling basis until the program is full, so now is the time to apply! Dr. Mtika would be glad to discuss options and give you more information. If you are unable to make this semester work, there will be other opportunities in 2017 so keep your eyes open.

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