Eastern’s Twin Siblings

For many students, the proximity of one’s family is a large factor in the decision of where one should attend college. Many students want a college experience that is separate from the influence of their families, so they choose to go to school farther away. Other students, who want to be near their family, may choose a closer school. For MaryAnn Bonner and Rob Bonner, a set of twins here at Eastern University, going to the same school means that they will be able to enjoy both sides of the college experience.

When MaryAnn and Rob realized that they both wanted to attend the same university, they were surprised. However, this unexpected turn did not stop MaryAnn and Rob from continuing with their decisions. MaryAnn explains that when she realized Rob was going to the same college as her, she thought it might be strange. She assumed that she would end up seeing Rob a lot on campus, but this has not actually been the case. Rob says that even though he and MaryAnn are family members, going to the same college does not prevent them from having a college life. He explained that since they live in different dorms, they tend to not see other everyday. However, when they do, Rob says that it is always a pleasant surprise. Besides just running into each other, Rob explains, “Once every three weeks we…go on twin dates and hang out a bit.”

MaryAnn says, “It has been good for our relationship to grow in our faith together in an environment that challenges us and helps us to think through different aspects of what we believe.” One might think, though, that sharing this environment might feel suffocating. However, although they are both sophomores, their majors have guided them to different directions, even on a small campus. MaryAnn has decided to major in education and English, while Rob is pursuing business.

Though MaryAnn and Rob have chosen different career paths, they believe their relationship will remain strong. Let us wish the best for this twin pair, and that they will grow in their faith, and in their friendship, through this experience at Eastern.

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