Eastern’s Response to Wake Up The World

Eastern, it is time to wake up the world.

In June, Eastern University held a video competition centered around the theme Wake up the World. The contest was open to anyone 15 years of age and older who wanted to participate, and video submissions, which were allowed to be up to 90 seconds long, were due by 12 p.m. on Friday, June 20. Public voting took place shortly thereafter before a panel judged the remaining entries and determined which videos best illustrated the theme. The winners were then announced at the Northeast Creation Festival on Saturday, June 28.

The contest winners were Gabe Rodriguez, Sarah Freisleben and Jonathan Stutzman in the categories of Music, Spoken Word and Film, respectively. Each of them received prizes for their winning entries. Rodriguez will spend one day with Dr. Matthews, the Executive Director of the Fine Arts Division and Chair of the Music Department at Eastern, and he will also receive $500 and an iPad mini. Freisleben will spend one day with a spoken word expert, and she will also receive $500 and an iPad mini. Stutzman will spend one day with Michael Swanson, a Production Executive at NBC and the owner of motion picture production company Faith Filmworks.
According to the contest website, “to Wake Up the World (W^TW) means to become aware of your ability to make a difference in the lives of others…[and] of your inner call to follow God’s leading to go and to do, even when you don’t know the outcome.” During the upcoming months, Eastern will be starting the process of combining this theme with its existing motto as a way of putting Faith, Reason and Justice into context.

Eastern, let us go wake up the world.

Source: http://creation.eastern.edu

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