An Open Letter to My Roommate

To my unexpected blessing:

Under different circumstances, we may not have ever even met. We have different interests and completely different class schedules. Left to fate, our paths probably would not have crossed. But thankfully, our lives aren’t left up to fate. God knew I would need you. He knew that my wild, dramatic, over-emotional self would need a steady presence like you to keep me level-headed in the midst of the stress of the semester. I’m so glad He threw us together in that first Orientation group.

With you, I’ve laughed so hard I cried and laughed even though I was crying. You’re my favorite person to watch weird internet videos with, and I don’t know many people who would have been able to get me to download TikTok. Because of you, I not only downloaded it, but I have an actual account? Wack. You’re always down for a random Breezeway run or Target trip. We’ve seen a lot together–not all of it stuff we necessarily wanted, but we got through it with a pizza and a binge of Drake and Josh.

I’m so inspired by you. You think before you speak so that, when you do speak, you mean what you say. You always have something insightful to say, even when you think you don’t. You work so hard. You’ve been through so much, and yet you haven’t let that bring you down, not for long anyway. You keep pushing through and stay focused on your goals. If I could have half the work ethic you have, I think I would get ten times the amount of work done.

I don’t say it often, but I truly do love you. You’re one of my favorite people and one of the few people that I feel truly comfortable with. I’m so grateful to have been given you as a friend and am so incredibly excited to see where God takes you with the rest of your life. I know it’s going to be phenomenal because He’s already worked so much in your life. I’m just happy to be able to cheer you on from the sidelines.


The most grateful friend

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