To the Templeton CoHort of 2026

By: Hannah Bonanducci

I had a conversation with a friend the other day talking about how it seems like time is racing past us, how these four years seem so short with all of the things I have in mind that I want to do. Classes and clubs aside, you guys are the biggest part of this college experience that I’m so blessed to have. From deep conversations in classes that spill over into the baby Baird library, Wednesday night fro-yo runs, 1 AM Wawa trips, days spent in Wayne “getting work done,” late nights in HHC and more, I can’t get over how wonderful our friendship is. 

There’s the obvious things to state that I’m thankful for. I’m thankful for all of the brainstorming sessions with Ella and Lenora on whiteboards and long pieces of paper for essays when my mind feels scrambled. I’m thankful for much needed Target runs with Thea and Kate when I’ve run out of mac n’ cheese cups (again). I’m thankful for dance parties and rant sessions in Alex’s dorm or at 6 AM on Olsen field with only one blanket for five people. I’m thankful for Playa Bowl runs with Ryle, Daniel, Sarah, Abby, Anni and Mikaela, even if it takes them an hour to get my smoothie. I’m thankful for every single spontaneous trip and precious memory I’ve made with all of you, and for the many more I know we’ll make.

As much as I’m in love with the pictures from all of our adventures, I’m more captivated by the way we are all growing together, discussing what friendship and virtue is in class and then learning how to apply that to ourselves, and furthermore helping each other do that. I’m thankful for deep conversations about what it means to love and what a good life really looks like. I’m thankful for reassurance and encouragement from friends as I carefully step into this new world and new self that I’m creating. I’m thankful for silly poems chanted loudly that turn into honest questions about the lives we’re living, and for a held hand in Good Life when I need a little extra support while reading the catechism.

At the end of the day, I’m thankful for every aspect of you all, for the wonderful ways you have touched my life and lift me up towards something greater, for the shared laughter and shared tears. In these three months I’ve already learned so much, and I’m so excited to continue to learn “just what it is to be beautiful” with you all.

With love,


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