Author: Lauren Bujaky


New tool for Whistleblower Policy Enacted

Eastern’s Administration and Human Resources recently released a new employee-reporting tool that allows faculty and staff to ‘whistleblow’ in good faith. What exactly is ‘whistleblowing,’ and how is it important for Eastern’s community of administration, faculty, staff and students? A whistleblower is someone who exposes alleged misconduct, dishonest activity or […]


Duffett and Brigham Weigh in on LGBT Conversation

Eastern’s campus is buzzing with the voices of students, faculty and staff, not to mention posts on social media from alumni, parents and various student groups. This stems from the semester’s hot topic: Dr. Duffett signed a letter on June 25th asking President Barack Obama to exempt religious institutions from […]


The Issue: The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

[twocol_one]Disconcerting Lauren Bujaky It’s difficult to go anywhere on the Internet right now without seeing something about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. TV personalities, popular celebrities, and even notable politicians have taken the challenge and nominated some other unlucky persons to also drench themselves with ice water. As per the […]


Reality Group gets Real 

“We get real. We do not sugar coat things, we tackle and speak on real and relevant topics all college students go through.” No, this is not a description for an AA meeting or a self-help forum, but for two groups of students getting real about the Gospel. Meeting every […]


Carmel Cafe Hits the Spot

Nestled amongst the familiar strip of Lancaster Avenue’s chain restaurants and high-priced boutiques, Carmel Café & Wine Bar is anything but ordinary with its unique atmosphere, taste, and service. Amid a row of similarly shaped buildings, Carmel looks ordinary enough from the outside; with an oddly square façade and modern […]


Justice Conference held in CA

Faith, reason, justice. At Eastern University, we’ve heard the importance of all three, especially justice. Unlike last February, students at Eastern University did not have the opportunity to experience justice locally. The renowned Justice Conference, an annual national primary conference that educates, inspires, and connects men and women to biblical […]

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Now Introducing… New Olympic Sports

The 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia will feature some new events and quite a few gold medal hope- fuls. Ski Slopestyle: This longtime X Games staple is making its Olympic debut in Sochi. Skiers must navigate, flipping and leaping, over an adrenaline- packed course of waist-high barriers and […]

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Thanksgiving & Christianity

Turkey, mashed potatoes, and grandma’s marshmallowed yams. Thanksgiving is a celebration for your belly, but what about your heart? We celebrate Easter and Christmas as Christian holidays, but should we include Christianity in our November feasting? And if so, how can we bring together Christ and Thanksgiving, two seemingly unrelated […]


Faith Focus

Christ said, “Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it” (Matthew 10:39). Eastern University’s Christian background has been affiliated with American Baptist Churches USA, but per their faith statement have a non-affiliated, inter-denominational doctrine. This doctrinal statement encourages students to […]