Author: Lauren Bujaky


New Planetarium Technology

Located on the third floor of McInnis,  the Julia Fowler Planetarium, Eastern’s twenty-foot full-dome planetarium, has recently updated several of its technologies. In June, the projector system was upgraded from a 1050-by-1050 to a 2560-by-2560 resolution system. Images shown in the planetarium are now four times higher  in resolution and […]


Windows on the World Preview

Every Friday at 10 a.m. in the McInnis Auditorium, students, faculty, and staff have the opportunity to gather and hear a prestigious professional speak to the pursuit of Christian faith, reason, and justice within a highly controversial world. Named “Windows on the World,” this weekly event is sponsored by the […]


Student Spotlight: Brandi Henry

“This is so much more than me, this is so much greater than me, and that’s incredibly humbling,” Brandi Henry effuses with a smile, moving her hands animatedly as she speaks. The ‘this’ she’s referring to is the sky that hangs above her curly hair and Eastern’s Walton hall, the […]


New Play Workshop to Kickstart EU Theater

The 24-hour extravaganza that was this February’s seventh New Play Workshop is once again gracing the stage of Eastern University. With one director, a writer, two actors, and only 24 hours, teams will write, practice, and perform a ten-minute masterpiece to Eastern’s community on Saturday, Sept. 19 at 8 p.m. […]


Staff Spotlight: Steve Sanders

Observatory Administrator at Eastern At the risk of sounding like an Eastern University advert, Steve Sanders, resident star nerd and astronomy sage, raves about our school’s community: “The reason why I love it here? Community, community, community; it’s why I’m still here.” If you’ve contemplated the heavens in any of […]


The “Chapel Sessions”

Eastern’s trio of singers grace Walton chapel “Being at Eastern has shown us how to use gifts effectively and how to be thankful for them. God uses these gifts, and singing is our gift back to Him.” Against the backdrop of the gilded mosaic in Eastern’s chapel, three beautiful women […]


“Legends of Areia: Generations”

Student writer self-publishes book Brent Keath, a sophomore with the ambition of a young entrepreneur and the goods of a small business, is an innovator. When he’s not pursuing his degree in mathematics and entrepreneurial studies, Keath is selling his new self-published novel, “Legends of Areia: Generations.” How many full-time […]


Faith Focus: Attractive Christianity

We tattoo ourselves with Greek phrases, we smatter our Facebook profiles with pictures of us and kids from third-world countries, we swear by organic, fair trade ingredients. We leave churches because the music isn’t authentic enough, beautiful enough, or fulfilling enough. We thrive off of Hillsong’s worship music. We sit […]


Eastern Responds to Ebola in US

The beginning of autumn has ushered in cold weather, crisp leaves and sore throats. Because of the change in seasons and a general lack of sleep, students are more likely to get sick. But there is a new virus in the United States that supersedes the commonplace illnesses that usually […]