About The Waltonian

The Waltonian is Eastern University’s student-run newspaper. It is published bi-weekly, and covers Eastern, national, and international news.

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2018 – 2019 Waltonian Staff

Editor-in-Chief: Kelsey Fiander-Carr (kelsey.fiander-carr@eastern.edu)

Kelsey is a Senior English Writing major with minors in Gender Studies and Social Welfare.

Managing Editor: Nicole Markert (nicole.markert@eastern.edu)

Nicole is a Senior English Literature and Writing major with a minor in Gender Studies.

Copy Editor: Megan Mahoney (megan.mahoney@eastern.edu)

Megan is a Sophomore English Literature and Writing major.

Copy Editor: Phillip Piper (phillip.piper@eastern.edu)

Phillip is a Senior Philosophy major with a minor in History.

News Editor: Kiriam Yordan (kiriam.yordan@eastern.edu)


Features Editor: Abigail Brooke (abigail.brooke@eastern.edu)

Abigail is a Senior with majors in English Journalism and Communications with a concentration in Digital Media.

A&E Editor: Cait Wooten (cait.wooten@eastern.edu)

Cait is a Senior English Writing major with a minor in Literature.

Opinions Editor: Kay O’Keeffe (kathleen.okeeffe@eastern.edu)

Kay is a Senior Political Science major.

Sports Editor: Amanda Lowman (amanda.slade@eastern.edu)

Amanda is a Senior English Writing major.

Web Editor: Erin Zak (erin.zak@eastern.edu)

Erin is a Junior English Writing and Literature major with a minor in Spanish.

Photography Editor: Courtney Schrom  (courtney.schrom@eastern.edu)