About The Waltonian

The Waltonian is Eastern University’s student-run newspaper. It is published bi-weekly, and covers Eastern, national, and international news.

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2016 Waltonian Staff

Editor-in-Chief: Lauren Murphy (lmurphy@eastern.edu)

Lauren is a senior youth ministries major and biblical studies/theological studies minor.

Managing Editor: Jordan Kolb (jkolb@eastern.edu)

Jordan is a senior English literature major and history minor.

Copy Editor: Anastasia Carroll (acarrol3@eastern.edu)

Anastasia is a senior English writing major and Spanish minor.

Copy Editor: SaraGrace Stefan (sstefan@eastern.edu)

SaraGrace is a junior English literature major and creative writing/ political science minor.

News Editor: Russell Risden  (rrisden@eastern.edu)

Russell is a senior history major.

Features Editor: Madeleine Harris (mharri10@eastern.edu)

Madeline is a senior philosophy major.

A&E Editor: Eliza Brown (ebrown8@eastern.edu)

Eliza is a junior English writing major.

Opinions Editor: Anthony Barr (abarr@eastern.edu)

Anthony is a sophomore English major and history minor.

Sports Editor: Shelly Lister  (mlister@eastern.edu)

Shelly is a senior English writing major and Psychology minor.

Web Editor: Kelsey Fiander-Carr (kelsey.fiander-carr@eastern.edu)

Kelsey is a first- year nursing major.

Senior Photo Editor: Matt Wolek (mwolek@eastern.edu)

Matt is a senior economic development major.