Articles written by: Abigail Webb

Henry Tanner’s “The Annunciation.”

Mary and Second Person Ethics

      On March 30, Dr. Amy Richards, a professor in Eastern’s philosophy department, gave a lecture on “The Annunciation of Mary and Second Person Ethics.” In this lecture, Richards explained how Mary’s response to the Annunciation of Christ serves as an example to humanity of how to respond […]

Healing Is Possible: EU hosts panel on  eating disorders

Healing Is Possible: EU hosts panel on eating disorders

     With the highest mortality rate of any psychiatric illness and incredibly low research funds, eating disorders are severely misunderstood by many, even though 30 million people–10 percent of the population–struggle with some type of eating disorder. Speaking at Windows on the World to inform college students about these […]


Abbie Storch Speaks on Vocation

     Abbie Storch, Eastern alumna (‘16), is already well on her way to “waking up the world.” After graduating with an English major and a music minor, she is now a master’s student in religion and literature at the Yale Institute of Sacred Music.      “Essentially, the degree […]