EU Sports Recap EU Sports Recap
Harvard Men’s Soccer Team Scandal- Addressing Real-life “Locker-room Talk” The Harvard Men’s Soccer team is suspended for sexual harassment against members of the Harvard Women’s Soccer team.
The Power of Good Coaches Anthony Barr (Opinions Editor)
NFL Enforces New Rules Against Excessive Celebrations In light of new rules prohibiting excessive touchdown celebrations, the NFL has been giving players increasingly high fines for their antics.
Features The Christmas Pickle

The Christmas Pickle

     Every Christmas for as long as I can remember, there has been a palm-sized, metallic green pickle ornament hanging on my family’s Christmas tree. This ornament is always the last one to find its way onto the tree and the first one taken off. Growing up, my sister […]

A&E EU sophomore Lynnae Stine has performed in several films in addition to participating in theater at Eastern.

A Conversation with Eastern’s Hidden Gem, Lynnae Stine

     Listen closely, because I am going to tell you one of the best kept secrets of Eastern University: there’s a movie star on campus. I’m serious. She’s acted in three projects on the East Coast, met and spoken with Tilda Swinton (“Doctor Strange”) and Lily Collins (“Rules Don’t […]

Sports EU Sports Recap

EU Sports Recap

     The Eastern Women’s Basketball team started off the 2016 season with three consecutive wins. In the season opener against Eagle Road-rival Cabrini University, the Eagles won by a score of 59-53. Their first loss came from Messiah College; however, the Eagles were able to recover from the loss […]